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SIGN: a supernatural thriller of deception and murder


Horror Novel Reviews by Lou Rera

I review other books in the genre of horror. Established, successful writers and new writers


End of Watch by Stephen King

Horror Novel Reviews (2016)

END OF WATCH by Stephen King

As Brady Hartsfield would say, “There are hits, then there are misses.” Stephen King has been known to write a clunker here and there (who can write over 50 novels, and not?). End of Watch, the third and last book in the Detective Bill Hodges series is a hit.
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Joyland Book Cover

Horror Novel Reviews (2015)

JOYLAND by Stephen King

Stephen King is often at his best when true evil turns out to be just another human gone off the tracks. In Joyland, the mystery involves a murderous ride through a haunted house attraction as the protagonist, Devin Jones tries to solve the “whodunit.” King is superb in weaving Read Full Review...

Kill Creek Book Cover

GoodReads Review (2018)
KILL CREEK by Scott Thomas

Kill Creek, by Scott Thomas has garnered a well deserved 2018 Bram Stoker Award nomination in the category for "Superior Achievement in a First Novel." I found the 432 pages enjoyable and at times, utterly terrifying. Thomas gives a nod to Lovecraft’s, “The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear Read Full Review...